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Sports Wealth Radio is a discussion with athletes, coaches, high achievers and youth of the lessons, habits, principles, and values that can be learned through sports that then can be used in the "Game of Life". Wealth is defined as "an abundance of valuable possessions" therefore, the discussions will be around goal setting, confidence, self-esteem, mental performance, gratitude, empathy, accountability, passion, teamwork, visualizations, mentors, role models and so much more.
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Sep 13, 2016

In today’s episode our host, Jeff Pierce, has a conversation with Ruben Gonzalez about being having perseverance, hard work and tenacity to become a 4 time Olympian in 4 different decades, best-selling author of “The Courage to Succeed” and an Award-Winning Speaker.  Ruben shares the journey he took.  Ruben explains what it feels like to hurl yourself down an icy mountain at close to 80-90 miles an hour on a luge sled.  The importance of having a belief in yourself as well as the power of persistence.  How do you react to a coach that you don’t like? Ruben explains what you must do to overcome those kinds of feelings and the importance of it. Ruben is an amazing speaker and this conversation exhibits his love for providing the insights from his own experiences to help others be courageous in going after their dreams as he did.  Ruben’s “Bulldog” attitude helped him achieve something that no one else at this time has done. Please feel free to go to for “The Timeless Principles of Success that Will Help You Win More Both Personally and Professionally”. His willingness to share these tips are an examples of Ruben’s tremendous heart.  Be prepared to be inspired!!!



Life Lessons, success principles, habits, values and beliefs are just a small portion of what we talk about here on Sports Wealth Radio Podcast. We tap into experiences of past athletes, coaches and high achievers to learn from their success and failures so that you can be inspired and empowered. Looking for the tips and tools that they learned and what made them better are the gold nuggets you’ll find hidden within each and every interview.

Sports Wealth Radio is always looking for words of wisdom from anyone that can relate to the wins and losses through sports.  If you are or if you know any such person, no matter the age, we’d love to hear their story, please email

If you are curios of how the gold nuggets that are discussed on an episode can help you overcome any adversity in your life go to, click on the calendar to book a free 45 minute Overcoming Adversity Strategy Call.

Disclaimer: Our sponsors treat us amazingly. They help us out with everything from financial compensation, advertising, cross promotion, gear, and mentorship. We're proud to be involved with such a helpful and supportive group of businesses, Non profit organizations and podcasters. Thanks so much

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